Need a Private Investigator in Bali

Need a Private Investigator in Bali

Rising Trend of the Boys Trips

With over 2.5 million tourists visiting Bali in 2015, of which 600,000 were Australians, Bali is becoming increasingly popular for ‘boys’ trips’ away. Whether it’s for a party week away without partners, a bucks’ weekend or a surfing safari, the low cost of travel and accommodation coupled with Bali’s close proximity to Australia is seeing a rise in these sorts of trips. Unfortunately, the trips away usually involve a lot of drinking, partying and often unsavoury behaviour, some which can give partners back at home unnecessary concern.

The boys will often set the tone of the trip with drinking beginning at the airport in Australia, throughout the flight to Bali and generally for the rest of the trip.

Beautiful Girls

Bali is a very popular destination for people from all around the world. They are attracted by the year long hot weather, strong surfing culture, beautiful beaches and affordable food and accommodation. In response to this influx of tourists locals have caught on to the party culture and now have day clubs for people to hang out in with DJ’s, beach bars, roof top bars and nightclubs. Everyone visiting is there to relax in some way or another and going out for drinks is definitely one of them. These venues entice a lot of beautiful girls in Bali, both local Balinese girls and foreigners. Everyone is there for the same reason to drink, unwind and have some fun. This makes it the perfect place for cheating to occur.

How a Private Investigator Can Help

A private investigator can be hired to follow these groups of guys and see what they get up to. Australian visitors tend to go to the same places due to word of mouth and reputation. It is quite easy for an investigator to follow them around and blend in especially someone of Australian descent.

With the help of a private investigator a concerned wife or girlfriend can get up to date information about what their partner is doing throughout the course of the holiday. Surveillance can include activities such as monitoring the hotel they are staying at or even a private villa depending on it location or layout. Investigators can monitor activities during the day at the day clubs, bars and even just hanging on the beach. A private investigator will report back to the wife or girlfriend and inform them where their partner is, who they are with and what they are doing. The private investigator can send back to the wife or girlfriend pictures and videos through email or their phone. Technology has enabled the flow of information to be quick and low cost.

Cost of a Private Investigator in Bali

The cost of hiring a private investigator in Bali is much more affordable than most people think. The extremely low cost of food and accommodation and its close proximity to Australia makes the price similar as if it were being conducted in Australia. The investigator will need to have daily costs covered such as meals, drinks to blend in, transport and accommodation however these are minimal.

When it comes to cost it is better to get peace of mind, whatever the outcome of the investigation. It could be that the husband or boyfriend is completely loyal and faithful and simply has a great time with the boys.