How We Can Help

How we can help?

Investigations will vary based upon your needs and whether you require a private investigator or the use of evidence gathering devices. SURVEILLANCE (PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS) A private investigator can watch your spouse using special techniques. Through advanced surveillance methods, technology and equipment we make sure that you have the evidence you need, rather than relying on hearsay or your own suspicions. Seeing a cheating spouse caught on video is not pleasant, but if an investigator uncovers proof of infidelity, such evidence can help you find the tools you need to confront your partner. There are other reasons why you would follow someone. These include child custody issues and gambling addiction problems just to name a few.

For examples of real life cases please visit our Work We’ve Done.

Start Investigation (Click Here) BACKGROUND CHECKS Background Checks can play a vital role in evidence gathering, particularly regarding current or potential partners, and or business partners. This is a comprehensive process involving a search of over 100 databases. A major part of this search includes dating and social networking website activity. Start Background Check (Click Here) BUG SWEEPING Bug Sweeping is also common practice to establish if there are any hidden cameras or recorders within your house or car. There are 3 main checks when we carry out a bug sweep:
  • Frequency – detecting active hidden listening devices that emit a frequency using sophisticated equipment not available to the general public.
  • Hidden Cameras – detecting hidden cameras which are not able to be seen with the naked eye.
  • Physical – locating devices in typical hidden locations such as light fittings, powerpoints, and ornaments around the house.
Order a Bug Sweep (Click Here) PHONE NUMBER SEARCHES
  • Don’t recognise the number?
  • Want to know who it is?
We are able to provide the exact name and home address of the number within 24 to 48 hours. Find the Owner of a Phone Number Now (click here) LOCATE A PERSON
  • Can’t find a person?
  • Do they owe you money?
  • Need an address of a person?
  • Need to serve a document?
  • Trying to locate an old friend? Or lover?
We can help with our sophisticated techniques and dedicated research staff we can give you the address of a person in a short period of time. Locate a Person Now (click here)