Fly in Fly Out Layover

Fly in Fly Out Layover

Melissa’s husband works in the mines in Queensland on a fly-in fly-out roster. They live together in Perth however he always flies via Sydney airport and has a layover for hours. She suspected he was meeting someone at Sydney before flying back home to Perth because he was never contactable during his stop for hours at a time.

Melissa contacted our office and we organised to have two Agents waiting at the airport. One Agent in the terminal to identify him coming off the plane and one Agent in a car ready to follow him in case he gets picked up or takes a taxi. He was identified walking off the plane and into the terminal and then followed in a taxi into town where he was taken to an escort agency.

Our Agent was able to film him entering the escort agency and leaving approximately an hour later. He was then followed back to the airport where he then caught his flight home.

All information was obtained in less than 4 hours. Melissa was then able to make decisions based on the information provided.

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