Child Custody Case

Child Custody Case

Andrew did not have custody of his two children aged 7 and 9 years old. He knew the children were in an unstable environment with poor parenting, however he needed to prove this to the court in order to obtain full time custody. His ex-wife had specific rules in place by the court which Andrew believed she was breaching on a regular basis. The two main court orders he believed she was breaking were; no men allowed in the house or the possession or drinking of alcohol around the children.

Andrew engaged us to do surveillance on his ex-wife over three Saturdays to monitor her movements. During this time we were able to establish she had lots of men coming and going from the family home. She also left the kids at home with other men while driving down the street with another man to buy alcohol before returning home. Furthermore, parties would go until late into the evening.

All photos and video footage were time and date stamped which confirmed exactly when the events occurred. With this information Andrew was able to submit enough evidence to the court to get full time custody of his children.

This information was obtained after 30 hours of surveillance.

If you need help with your child custody issues we are here to help. Please see How We Can Help you using an Agent with our specialised surveillance techniques and information gathering processes.