The Camera Never Lies

The Camera Never Lies

We get many calls by customers who suspect their partner is cheating and ask us how we can help and what is the best solution for them. Quite often we recommend surveillance devices such as our GPS trackers. These are a very good tool when it comes to tracking all their movements and to prove where they are at a given time.

Other situations call for a record of a conversation. And in that case we recommend tiny listening recording devices which are able to pick up conversations at a distance of up to 15 metres away. These are exceptionally effective at recording your partner when you are not around and getting information you wouldn’t normally be able to obtain. The great thing is it’s all on record and you can prove what has been said.

But above all you can’t beat a good old fashioned photo and video evidence to prove exactly what has happened. Footage is obtained as a result of surveillance by licensed Agents. As the name of the article suggests…the camera never lies. And technology has made this even more so as photos and videos are now time and date stamped through meta data. There can be no questions of when the photo or video was taken.

Due to the advancement of technology agents generally don’t use traditional cameras anymore. They film everything through special hidden video cameras and photos are extracted from the paused footage. The advantage of this is you can get the precise moment when the cheating takes place. We call this the ‘Money shot”. The money shot is now a lot easier to obtain because of this reason. This enables us to get you the exact information you need to prove your lover is cheating.