Porn Addiction Wrecks Relationships

Porn Addiction Wrecks Relationships

Thousands of Australians struggle with porn addiction in secret every day seriously affecting their relationships. For some people, looking at images is enough however for others Internet porn can lead them to compulsive and risky behaviour with others.

Some real life cases outlined below may sound familiar to you:

A 27 year old man downloads porn onto a large hard drive or even a separate computer dedicated just for watching porn.

A married man views internet pornography for hours at home, then begins surfing pornography sites at the office and risks destroying his career.

A married woman spends hours a day talking in Internet chat rooms and having cybersex, and eventually starts arranging to meet online strangers for casual sex in the real world.

A married couple view pornographic movies together as part of their loving relationship, but the husband starts spending more time watching and less time with his wife, who feels left behind and rejected.

Unfortunately these are real life examples and they are occurring every day in many homes and relationships. It is a compulsive behaviour, which falls under ‘sex addiction’. Sex addiction leads to the breakdown of relationships and ultimately divorce.

How we can help
The addiction is usually denied and experienced in silence and secrecy. Once you have established there is a porn addiction you can take steps to rebuild the relationship. We have various types of software enabling you to detect and monitor the use of websites visited on either a mobile phone or a computer. This software will help you get the answers you need to discover your partners internet activity.

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